Crush College Stress
"Six Weeks To Success"
Group Coaching Program for High School or College Students

When you first started college you knew it was going to be "stressful" but you never imagined it to be like this.
 You have an endless workload
 You don't get enough sleep
 You dread working on assignments
 You're always running out of time
You think constant stress is normal
I have great news for you....
It doesn't have to be like this!
You CAN Control Your Life In College
I Want to Help You Crush College Stress
That is why I created a group program specifically designed for college and high school students. I want to make it easier for you. I want you to feel in control of your day. The program will help you implement daily habits to:
  • Manage your stress
  • Get more done
  • ​Improve your grades
  • ​Feel energetic
  • ​Be happier
We will design a customized plan to increase energy, create a sleep routine and give you the tools to manage stress.
Why is this important?
Eating healthy food and drinking enough water will improve your energy and focus.
A good sleep routine allows your body to recover from the day and feel energetic in the morning.

The college experience is stressful for everyone, but having tools to manage stress gives you control.
Are you ready  to implement skills and habits to move you from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to feeling in control and happy?
We Will Cover:
Stress reduction tools, including:
  • ​Deep breathing 
  •  Cultivating a positive mindset 
  •  Keeping a gratitude journal
  •  The benefits of aromatherapy 
  •  Implementing meditation in your everyday life 
  •  Mindfulness 
  •  Spending time in nature 
Implementing daily healthy habits:
  • ​Healthy Eating 
  •  Staying hydrated
  •  Regular exercise
  •  Sleep routine
Making good use of time by:
  • ​Creating study habits that work for you
  •  Planning your day
“The (Crush College Stress) program with Dale Troy was very helpful and applicable in my every day life as a college student. Her objectives provided consistency in my first semester at college, which is exactly what I was missing. 

Being able to control certain aspects of my life was shown to make me a better student. Another plus side to this program was Dale always being available if I had any questions or needed any help. I would highly recommend this program to anyone trying to better themselves personally, emotionally, and physically.”
“I had just launched my son into freshmen year at college when I found Dale Troy's Crush College Stress program online. This course equipped my son with tools to feel organized, healthy and in control. The skills he learned from Dale Troy have helped him to incorporate healthy habits into his daily life. 

The stress reduction tools he learned are already making a big difference for him. He is happier, healthier and his grades have improved since participating in this program.” 
Dale Troy
As a Certified Health Coach, I specialize in working with stressed college students. Together we put in place habits that enable students to reduce and manage college stress.

I know first-hand how stressful college life can be, from my own experience, and from the experiences of my three daughters and their friends. I'm on a mission to empower college students by teaching them to implement habits that will reduce their daily stress.
“I really enjoyed our sessions! Before starting the program, I felt very disorganized and frazzled while dealing with classes and all the extracurriculars that college has to offer. I feel like the 5 sessions did really help with creating a checklist and well balanced diet, as well as creating accommodations to help with a busy college schedule. 

The best thing about the program was that it was easy to schedule the Zoom conferences and fit them into my schedule since I could do it right from my bedroom! The two most important things I learned from the sessions were the deep breathing/ meditation sessions and making sure to always make time for healthy meals.   

For college students with busy schedules, this is a great way to help deal with college stress without adding a lot of commitment to it. The sessions also help me fit in a good routine of exercises in my bedroom for when I’m too busy to fit in time for the gym! Some of the changes are very simple, but make a big impact on overall daily life! Thanks Dale :-)”