Crush College Stress
"Your Successful Semester"
Customized 1:1 Coaching Program for College Students

Are you worried about your child handling stress and anxiety as they transition into college?
If there was a program designed to help your child transition into college without having to face the stresses of college alone, would you want to explore it?
Colleges are reporting more anxiety and depression among students every year. The level of stress on college campuses, leading to anxiety and depression, is reaching unprecedented levels. In a recent study, the National College Health Assessment reported 66% of college students had "overwhelming anxiety", 33% "felt depressed" and 45% "felt hopeless". This increase in mental health issues is so significant that colleges are trying to figure out how to handle the situation.
As a graduate of Yale University and the parent of three Yale graduates, I know first-hand what it means to be faced with stress in college. Even if your child was successful in high school, the college environment is very different and high achievers can find themselves overwhelmed and overstressed. That was my story, as well as the story of my three daughters. 

All three of my daughters did well at Yale and were able to handle the various challenges that faced them. I was always there for them with suggestions on how to manage their stress, and strategies for getting it all done despite the pressures and time deadlines. 
Every semester in college can be stressful....but the first semester is often the most stressful because transitioning from family life to college life is challenging. 
When students don't know how to manage stress, they may be influenced by their peers and end up making poor choices to reduce that stressful feeling in the moment. It took me years to learn how to manage stress in a healthy way, and that's what I can teach your child so they can thrive in college in a healthy manner.
What are those challenges?
  • Living with a roommate
  • ​Eating healthy and not gaining the "freshman 15"
  • ​Fitting in exercise
  • ​Getting enough sleep
  • ​Creating a homework/study routine
  • ​Preparing for exams
  • ​Staying calm when overwhelmed
  • ​Preventing sickness
  • ​Keeping a positive attitude 
  • ​Avoiding loneliness
  • ​Finding social connections
  • ​Knowing where to get support
Do these challenges look familiar to you? 
 When my three daughters were in college, these issues were constantly coming up and I was always giving them advice on how to handle them. I knew how to help them because of my own experience with stress in college and my work as a health coach. When students learn how to manage stress, they are better able to handle the challenges of college.  
How I felt when my first child went to college...
I remember how nervous I was when my first child left for college. Would she make close friends? Would she be able to handle the workload? Would she feel pressured into drinking too much? Would she ask for help when she needed it? Would she find some activities outside of the classroom to join? Would she know how to take care of herself and stay healthy?

You may be worrying about some of the same things. Or maybe you have some specific concerns relating to your child. Whatever is going through your mind, know that you are not alone. All parents have these concerns.  

When our children go to college, we lose a lot of control over their life. We hope we have raised them well and that they will make good choices and be able to function in the college environment.  But, no matter how well they have been raised, we can't predict how our children will respond to the challenges of college or what will show up as a significant issue for them.   

Who will they turn to when they are struggling? Their peers....a freshman counselor? Maybe they will contact you, too, but will you really know how to help them? Perhaps they will seek out a therapist in the student health center and have to wait weeks for an appointment, and be told they should take anti-anxiety medication.  

Of course, some students will require medication, but even for them, knowing how to manage stress will go a long way toward helping them succeed in college. And, for many, medication is not the best solution; rather, it's knowing how to handle the pressures and stress of college in a positive way and having someone in their corner to support them.
How I help college students manage stress...
My program to Crush College Stress, called Your Successful Semester, may be the ideal solution for your child.  
Through my work as a certified health coach to elite college students and my years as a mom of three students at Yale, I've learned what is takes to help college students make the right choices, stay on a good path, and reduce their stress for a positive college experience. I help students implement habits that will support them as they move through the challenges of living away from home and starting college. 

Since it's a one-on-one program, I am able to customize the program to your child's needs. I start by learning what your child's current habits are so I know what we most need to work on. Our first session together focuses on two basic strategies for managing stress in college and afterwards, namely, deep breathing and having a positive mindset. In each session going forward, I will help your child navigate the particular challenges he or she is dealing with at that time. In addition, we will focus on one of the many habits and tools that have been shown to help students manage stress.  
What are those habits and tools?
They include the following:
  • Eating healthy
  • ​Staying hydrated
  • ​Exercising regularly
  • ​Sleeping well and enough hours
  • ​Creating study habits that work
  • ​Planning a daily, weekly and monthly schedule
  • ​Meditating and using mindfulness
  • ​Finding gratitude on a daily basis
  • ​Spending time in nature
  • ​Relaxing with music or aromatherapy
We will work together on implementing these habits and tools so they become part of your child's daily routine. I will help them discover what will actually work for them. Everyone is different, so the way your child implements the habits and tools will be unique to his or her personality, wishes and objectives. And each week we will revisit what is working and not working in order to fine tune your child's program. By the end of the semester, your child will feel empowered, in control and able to thrive in college.
The mom of a college freshman I worked with put it this way... "The stress reduction tools he learned are already making a big difference for him. He is happier, healthier and his grades have improved since participating in the program."
What do parents ask before they enroll their child in Your Successful Semester?
What if my child is so busy they can't fit another thing into their schedule?
If your child can't fit an hour session once a week into their schedule, then they definitely need help. One reason college students are so stressed is that they don't know how to manage their time well. My program covers planning and time management which will help them throughout college as well as their life after college.
What if my child is introverted and doesn't like to talk to strangers?
Your child will need to interact with a variety of people in college and in the working world. Working with me in a coaching relationship is very supportive and non-threatening. My goal is to support your child and help them implement habits that will empower them in college.  
What if my child needs help in between their weekly sessions?
Your child will have unlimited access to me through email or text. I am available to answer questions and coach them through any issues they are having with their Your Successful Semester program. 
How much time will my child need to spend between sessions?
Between sessions, your child will implement what they learn. The implementation involves creating new habits that will help them reduce and manage stress. Therefore, it’s less about the time required and more about taking the actions that will make a difference in their daily life.  
What exactly will my child receive when I enroll them in Your Successful Semester?
Your child will receive one live, 60 minute session per week, using Zoom, an online platform that allows us to see each other. In addition, your child will receive unlimited access to me through email or text in between sessions. Your child will also receive resources to help them implement the habits and tools we discuss, such as videos and checklists. Our sessions will begin a week before the semester starts and end the week the semester ends. 
“The (Crush College Stress) program with Dale Troy was very helpful and applicable in my every day life as a college student. Her objectives provided consistency in my first semester at college, which is exactly what I was missing. 

Being able to control certain aspects of my life was shown to make me a better student. Another plus side to this program was Dale always being available if I had any questions or needed any help. I would highly recommend this program to anyone trying to better themselves personally, emotionally, and physically.”
“I had just launched my son into freshmen year at college when I found Dale Troy's Crush College Stress program online. This course equipped my son with tools to feel organized, healthy and in control. The skills he learned from Dale Troy have helped him to incorporate healthy habits into his daily life. 

The stress reduction tools he learned are already making a big difference for him. He is happier, healthier and his grades have improved since participating in this program.” 
Five ways to know if Your Successful Semester is right for your child:
  • Your child is a little nervous about starting college;
  • ​Your child wants to do well both academically and socially;
  • ​Your child is open to getting help and support;
  • ​Your child will commit to showing up and trying new things;
  • ​You are concerned about your child and like knowing your child has support.
When you enroll your child in Your Successful Semester, you and your child will both have peace of mind. While other students will face the stresses of college without a plan and without someone focused on their success, your child will have knowledge, strategies and continual support.  

I've made it my goal to make the college experience less stressful and more successful for the students I work with. Simply click the button below to enroll your child in Your Successful Semester. It will be my privilege to work with them, and watch them Crush College Stress.
Dale Troy
As a Certified Health Coach, I specialize in working with stressed college students. Together we put in place habits that enable students to reduce and manage college stress.

I know first-hand how stressful college life can be, from my own experience, and from the experiences of my three daughters and their friends. I'm on a mission to empower college students by teaching them to implement habits that will reduce their daily stress.
“I really enjoyed our sessions! Before starting the program, I felt very disorganized and frazzled while dealing with classes and all the extracurriculars that college has to offer. I feel like the 5 sessions did really help with creating a checklist and well balanced diet, as well as creating accommodations to help with a busy college schedule. 

The best thing about the program was that it was easy to schedule the Zoom conferences and fit them into my schedule since I could do it right from my bedroom! The two most important things I learned from the sessions were the deep breathing/ meditation sessions and making sure to always make time for healthy meals.   

For college students with busy schedules, this is a great way to help deal with college stress without adding a lot of commitment to it. The sessions also help me fit in a good routine of exercises in my bedroom for when I’m too busy to fit in time for the gym! Some of the changes are very simple, but make a big impact on overall daily life! Thanks Dale :-)”